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Daniela & Mikhail

…and Chris, and Emma… A little family, living in Dublin and sometimes in Sofia.

a family of…



it professionals

meet us

Daniela Kenanova


Mikhail Kenanoff

Managing partner


Countries and States Visited


Photographs Made


Cups of Tea


Golf Balls Lost

our photos

We take tonnes of photographs. Most are of our travels, some from home, few even of us.

Some of them are good, some probably bad, some even boring and some are even good enough to share with you…

These above are just the most recent ones and if you’re interested, do not hesitate to check the rest

pmp certified

When we work, we do it well. Whether it’s leading projects, leading a big IT team or developing a great solution for the business

struggling with golf

Year after year, the improvements are difficult… Possibly because I don’t play as much as I want, but even with that excuse, my handicap shall remain a secret.

never been to the moon

At least not literally…
But that’s only because we like the Earth so far. And there’s lot more to find out…


Mikhail Kenanoff
@kenanoffMar 20
“targeted and innovative supervision” - това трябва да е успокояващо ли? https://t.co/wCAGgsHvmd
Mikhail Kenanoff
@kenanoffMar 20
But for Trump and his cronies, there is no greater good. There is literally nothing that is worth sacrificing even… https://t.co/gFJJidzUED
Mikhail Kenanoff
@kenanoffMar 19
Особено затруднен щеше да е Волен Сидеров... https://t.co/v1ZdaEUvqv