How the public is “being deceived” over GDP

How the public is “being deceived” over GDP

How the public is “being deceived” over GDP

Добре е понякога да си спомняме, че икономиката не е общество, парите не са щастие и както всеки синтетичен измерител БВП сам по себе си не е самоцел.

“Above all, said the man who practically invented the concept of economic growth, GDP should never be confused with wellbeing. It is a warning we have roundly ignored.”

“…there was a dangerous gulf between the world as presented by experts and that as experienced by ordinary citizens. “The gulf is dangerous because the citizens end up believing that they are being deceived. Nothing is more destructive of democracy.”

В подкрепа на горното ще кажа че миналата година ирландската “икономика” “порастна” с невероятните… 26%!

Самото правителство се опита да поскрие тази “новина”, а тези които я чуха я посрещнаха с нескрит присмех. Че ги взимат за башъци.

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